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Texans to Try Out Larry Johnson

The Houston Texans will hold a workout for embattled running back Larry Johnson.  Johnson was cut today by the Kansas City Chiefs after several run-ins with new head coach Todd Haley, most notably a recent public questioning of Haley's background followed by a homophobic slur.

I would hope that there is no chance that the Texans will claim Johnson off waivers and therefore inherit his $4.55 million base salary.  If the Texans sign Johnson, it will most likely be as an unrestricted free agent after he has passed thru waivers.  That will depend on if Houston makes an offer, and if that offer is favored by Johnson over any other offers he might receive.

I personally hope this is just Kubiak and company doing their due diligence.  Larry Johnson is exactly the kind of person you try to keep out of your locker room.  It isn't a recent development either; Johnson had a history of acting up with the Herman Edwards administration as well.  And what do you get at this point in his career for your troubles?  2.7 yards per carry.  Granted, the Chiefs' offensive line is abysmal, so he might do better elsewhere, but I don't think he is worth the risk.

What say you?  Do you want to see Larry Johnson in a Texans uniform?