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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

I did a decent job last week, except for that whole correctly-predicting-which-team-would-win thing. I can now reveal to you that I actually did foresee the infamous Chris Brown halfback pass; sadly, I thought it was the product of a whiskey-induced haze and dismissed the power of my gift. Thus, I failed you yet again, BRB. It starts with me.

On to this week's surefire happenings:

1. I can't shake this eerie feeling that Matt Schaub's going to get knocked out of the game again via another piledriver to the turf on his non-throwing shoulder. That'll mean Rex Grossman, which will in turn mean turnovers and misplaced throws in bunches, which in turn will mean me getting my stomach pumped.

2. Dunta Robinson gets his first pick of the year. Unfortunately, he also gets flagged for pass interference on the same play, negating said interception.

3. Ryan Moats gets more carries than Chris Brown, finishes with an average of more than 4.2 yards per carry, and scores a TD. Even better, the number of passing attempts by Texans' running backs on Sunday reverts to zero.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: I probably should feel pretty good about this matchup. I don't. I'll call a Texans win, but if Prediction No. 1 actually comes to pass, that's out of the question. If Matt Schaub plays the entire game: Seahawks 20, Texans 24. If he doesn't: Seahawks 21, Texans 14.

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