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Okay, Kubes Defenders...Let’s Hear Your Reasoning

<em><strong>While I like Gary Kubiak a lot, I just think his ship has run its course in Houston.</strong></em>
While I like Gary Kubiak a lot, I just think his ship has run its course in Houston.

What a difference a day makes...

I have taken a lot of flack on the other site that I write for in the last 18 hours for saying that I am in the camp of firing Gary Kubiak and hiring a new Head Coach at the end of the season. I am being called a "Kubes Headhunter" and a "Cowher Fan Boy" (which is entirely untrue). That's fine, I can handle it. But what I want to know is why everyone (especially the majority of BRB) is so stuck on Coach Kubiak.

During the game threads, almost everyone wants Kubiak gone whenever there is a fumble or we don’t score a touchdown in the red zone. But then after the game, they are the same rabid defenders of "OMG, NO COWHER!!!!!!! Gary needs one more year!!!"

Listen, I think Gary Kubiak is a great human being and an excellent offensive coordinator. But as a leader of men, so to speak, I just think four years is plenty of time. People want to say "Well, look at the disaster of a team he inherited." Fair enough. But answer me this: Didn’t Sean Payton take on as big of, if not bigger, of a disaster in the New Orleans Saints at the same exact time as Kubiak took on the Texans? And he has gotten them to the NFC title game once and last I checked, they’re pretty damn good this year as well. And don’t say that New Orleans is just a better run franchise with a better owner, because history shows that not to be true.

Every year we see a team that goes from 5-11 to 11-5, or something of that nature. Yet, it never seems to happen here. I am sorry, but something like that is going to fall on the Head Coach. You can only blame injuries or the players "not making plays" so much. But three consecutive seasons of .500 ball should not allow you to keep your job. It is just my opinion. And if you disagree with it, that is your opinion. So, let’s hear it, BRB. Why do you think Gary Kubiak should retain his job?