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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Send Four (4!) Players To Pro Bowl

Full rosters here. Your Pro Bowlers from Houston are:

Andre Johnson
Mario Williams
Brian Cushing
DeMeco Ryans

My gut reactions:

1. 'Dre was as sure a bet as it gets.
2. Rather surprised Super Mario made the cut. Dare I say your Houston Texans sent a player to the Pro Bowl primarily on reputation? Doesn't strike me as applicable, considering how long it took for Mario to get his due. Nice to see one break his way for once.
3. Stunned Cushing made it. He surely deserved it, but I'm blown away he got the honors as a rookie. Great to see.
4. DeMeco's first second Pro Bowl nod is long overdue. Pay him, Rick.
5. Matt Schaub got hosed. Here's hoping he still makes the team if one of the QBs back out.
6. The Texans sent four players to the Pro Bowl! And I think there still could/should be one more. Wow.