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BREAKING NEWS: Steve Slaton Likely To Miss Jacksonville Game

Per Dale Robertson:

Texans running back Steve Slaton is expected to miss Sunday's game against Jacksonville because of numbness in his arms.

The numbness is a result of a previously undisclosed shoulder injury. Coach Gary Kubiak did not completely rule out Slaton, but the fact he did not practice Friday makes it unlikely he will play.

"It's something he has been dealing with for awhile but it's gotten worse in the last 24 hours," Kubiak said.

"Previously undisclosed shoulder injury?" Zuh?

A year ago, this would have been cause for total panic. As 2009 Steve Slaton has yet to resemble 2008 Steve Slaton, however, I don't expect Slaton's absence to have much of an effect on the Houston running game. It was anemic for the first 11 games of the season, and it'll be anemic in the twelfth game of the season. Looks like Chris Brown is now your primary running back and Ryan Moats may actually get to step onto the field.

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