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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

I'm going to get this post up as quickly as I can, lest another Texan be ruled out for Sunday's tilt against the Jaguars and render my rock-solid (read: baby soft) predictions moot. To wit:

1. Your Houston Texans couldn't manage a single sack in their first meeting with the Jags. This time, the Texans shall notch three (3) sacks of David Garrard. One for Mario Williams, one for Antonio Smith, and one for Connor Barwin.

2. No Rashean Mathis means a big day for Andre Johnson. I foresee 132 yards receiving and a TD for 'Dre. Bonus prediction: James Casey scores his first NFL touchdown.

3. Chris Brown manages a rushing touchdown. Without fumbling the game ball away. He also finishes with 73 rushing yards, on 16 carries, on the afternoon.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: As I told the guys on Big Cat Country Radio, I'm predicting a Texans win, based almost entirely on the notion that the Texans are going to go on a run over the next four weeks, in order to suck us all back in to believing in them before laying a monstrous egg against New England in Week 17. Crushing disappointment is our destiny. It's coming, but not this week. Texans 34, Jaguars 28.

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