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BREAKING NEWS: Ahman Green And Morlon Greenwood Waived!

According to the Chronicle, your Houston Texans cut ties with Ahman Green and Morlon Greenwood this afternoon. While this was certainly a likely scenario given the performances of Steve Slaton and Xavier Adibi, I can't shake the feeling of sweeping relief.

Under any analysis, the Ahman Green Era in H-Town has to be considered a spectactular failure. He was here less than two (2) years and contributed a whopping 709 total yards and 5 TD during his time in Houston. The only thing that makes the bitter pill of abject failure slightly more tolerable is the knowledge that Smithiak wised up and forced him to renegotiate his contract prior to this past season, so the damage was somewhat mitigated. Still, Ahman Green joins such luminaries as Todd Wade and The Corpse Formerly Known As Anthony Weaver on the Council of Freaking Terrible Free Agent Contracts Bestowed by Texans Management.

Morlon Greenwood, on the other hand, inexplicably went from tremendously underrated to tremendously bad, all seemingly overnight/in one season. What happened? Age? Injury? I sobered up? In any event, Adibi's emergence made Greenwood's departure a foregone conclusion. God speed, Morlon. May your future away from Houston be jiggy, dope, or whatever the kids are saying these days.