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Dunta Robinson Contract Negotiation Update

From John McClain's chat today on

11:36 [Comment From Clyde] Any update on Dunte (sic)/Texans?

11:37 John McClain: They're negotiating. He could be franchised, but I don't think they'll do that. They'll either sign him to a long-term deal or he'll be gone. I'm hearing he wants the $23 mil that Chris Gamble was guaranteed and they're offering in the neighborhood of $18 or $19. Andre Johnson got $15 two years ago. Mario got $26.3, I believe. Either way, Dunta will get the second-most guaranteed money in franchise history if he re-signs.

Two things stand out from this...this is the first that I've read from anyone that franchising Dunta Robinson is not, for whatever reason, a real option. Why wouldn't it be? Tagging Dunta as the team's franchise player would seem to be the obvious compromise if the Texans and Dunta aren't on the same page when it comes to a long-term deal. Why in the world wouldn't the team franchise Dunta if they're not comfortable giving him a long-term deal? The only legitimate reason not to franchise him in the absence of giving him the big deal he wants, I reckon, is if the Texans simply don't think Dunta is going to return to his pre-injury form and thus isn't worth the franchise tender. If that's the case, why offer the $18,000,000.00 or $19,000,000.00 in guaranteed money McClain believes is on the table?

Secondly, and I know we've already talked about it, do you feel good about giving Dunta Robinson $18,000,000.00 to $23,000,000.00 in guaranteed money? That's a ton of cake. I love Dunta Robinson. Love him. He's been a rare, consistent bright spot throughout his time in Houston. From a purely business standpoint, however, is Dunta Robinson worth that kind of money? My heart says yes. My head wants a drink.