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BREAKING NEWS: Sage Rosenfels-To-Vikings Trade Possible Again

The Texans and the Vikings are reportedly close to finalizing a trade that will send backup QB Sage Rosenfels to Minnesota in exchange for a draft pick of unknown value, possibly in the 4th roundRumors swirled last year of a trade involing the two teams for Rosenfels, but the deal supposedly fell through after the Texans wanted no less than a 2nd round pick, and the Vikings would give no more than a 3rd rounder.

First of all, this takes away one of the teams I evnvisioned in the "trade down with a team that needs a QB theory".  Oh, well.  If the theory gets shot and we don't get a 3rd rounder out of the deal, at least we'll get a 4th.

But that brings me to the question, "Are the Texans really getting a great deal here?"  Yes, I know he had the single worst Texans' play of the season, and yes it's safe to say we should have traded him last year to get a third rounder based on the way he played.  Keep in mind though that Schaub hasn't been the most durable QB in the league. So is it a good idea to get rid of a backup QB who has shown both competency and dreadfulness?

In my opinion the answer is YES.  I would rather sign a decent free agent backup floating around and take our chances than have to watch Sage turn the ball over one more time.  It wasn't just that he turned the ball over. It was that he did it at the worst possible times.  And as the Chronicle article pointed out, don't forget who Kubiak has produced in the fourth round--Owen Daniels, Fred Bennett and Xavier Adibi.  I definitely approve, but what say you BRB?