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Anthony Weaver To Be Cut Tomorrow?

Adam Schefter says it's a comin':

Just days after cutting RB Ahman Green and LB Morlon Greenwood, the Texans will release DE Anthony Weaver on Tuesday. His $6.2 million base salary will come off the Texans’ salary cap, but they still must deal with $5.4 million in acceleration on his contract — a total savings of $800,000.

Not much cap savings, but there's no doubt that this move is long overdue. I have few rules in life. Here's one of them: "Whenever an athlete's name can be prefaced with 'The Corpse Formerly Known As,' it's high time for him to not play for my favorite team anymore." Don't confuse that rule with another of my eerily similar maxims; namely, the one that goes "If a DE has one (1) more sack than a dead man in three (3) years, he earns the qualifier 'The Corpse Formerly Known As (Insert Name).'"

Now that Weaver's about to be gone, the real question begins. That is, where does he rank among the all-time worst free agent signings by your Houston Texans?