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The Curious Case of Julius Peppers

In the post you can find here, Keith at In The Bullseye makes a good pitch for why the Texans may be in the hunt for Panthers DE Julius Peppers.

Quick points from the article -

  • The Texans have cleared an additional $8 million of cap space in the last two weeks, and saved $15 million in cash.
  • Releasing Weaver BEFORE free agency means they have someone in mind, either in free agency (or the draft) who is going to step in and start at LE.
  • Rick Smith has been stalling with guaranteed money, franchising Dunta, asking DeMeco to wait, and probably tendering Owen Daniels instead of getting him the long term deal, thus giving him wiggle room to make a move for Peppers.
  • DeMeco Ryans implied in his disgruntled interview that there was a possible "big move" coming in free agency.
  • The Texans seem to be stockpiling draft picks, looking to get a 4th for Sage, and Keith mentions in the article that they were looking to move Jacoby Jones for a pick as well.

It is significantly longer than this, but it makes some very valid points. Go click on the link up top, read through, and tell us what you think in the comments. In all honesty, I think it is a possibility.