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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Under Investigation For Illegal Contact Drills

According to ESPN's Outside The Lines, former offensive guard Dan Stevenson is suing the Houston Texans for being required to participate in illegal drills in minicamp.

According to the report, players wearing only their helmets were instructed to do live one-on-one blocking drills, despite not wearing any pads. Dan Stevenson, Jordan Black, and Chukky Okobi all claimed to have been injured during the drill, with Stevenson tearing a shoulder labrum, Black suffering a labrum injury, and Chukki Okobi injuring his triceps. Fred Weary also signed a notarized affidavit supporting the claim.

Stevenson has allegedly tried to intervene through the NFLPA once before, but his claim was rejected.


Apparently holding unsanctioned drills is pretty common, but to have 3 season ending injuries in one drill? That's kind of ridiculous. We will keep an eye out on what's going on with this story.

[UPDATE BY TIM]: From John McClain:

If the Texans are found to have violated the NFL’s offseason workout policy, they will lose one week of their organized team activities, and coach Gary Kubiak could be fined.

If a league investigation finds more than one violation during the league year, the Texans could be fined a fourth-round draft choice, according to the collective bargaining agreement.

Losing a mid-round draft choice? This is serious.