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David Carr Manages To Keep Deluding Himself

For reasons beyond my comprehension, the New York Giants decided to bring David Carr back for another season to back up Eli Manning. I've already opined at length on the topic of my thoughts on David Carr as a QB in the NFL and won't do it again here; needless to say, I think it was a very good thing for Carr's career as a professional football player that his time on the field this past season for the Giants was limited to two (2) meaningless appearances.

What I can't get over is that Zoolander continues to imply and/or flatly assert that the Texans somehow failed him:

"Honestly, there are spots out there and starting positions and there could have been some things where it would have just been my Houston situation all over again and it wasn’t really something I was looking forward to, to tell you the truth. (Some of the starting possibilities) it is just difficult to win. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love the challenge of doing that, but it just wasn’t right for me, the spots that were available."

Carr's "Houston situation" made him a multi-millionaire over the course of five (5) years. The organization eventually cut ties with him because he did not perform. A second organization cut ties with him a year later because he did not perform. Instead of pointing the finger at the people who made him wealthy, why can't Carr ever accept some semblance of responsibility for his fall from franchise savior to roster-filler? Why can't he refrain from taking pot shots at the Texans? What exactly did the Texans do to merit this kind of antipathy?

At what point will David Carr realize that, best case scenario, he was as responsible as the team for his failures in Houston? Frankly, I think anyone who watched the Texans each week from 2002-2006 would be likely to apportion more than 50% responsibility to Carr (as opposed to the oft maligned offensive line, offensive scheme, etc.) for the offense's shortcomings. While Carr's ego apparently won't permit him to shoulder the majority of the blame for his failed tenure here, I don't think I'm asking too much for him by requesting he keep the Texans' name out of his mouth. It's clear that he is incapable of saying anything constructive and/or enlightening.