Orlovsky now a Texan

Dan Orlovsky is our new backup quarterback.

After the departure of Rosenfels, we needed a backup and we got one. Though he took part in the 0-16 treachery known as the Detroit Lions last year, he played well considering the circumstances. He was on the top of my quarterback wish list. The deal is over 3 years, worth a potential $9.15 million, with a $2.4 million signing bonus $3 mill a year for a backup? Sounds like a little bit too much for me, especially if you consider the team just might have been able to nab Derrick Ward for that kind of money.

Would you rather pay a little over $3 mill a year for a guy such as Ward and add an inexperienced/weaker backup (ahem Ramsey), or just Orlovsky to step up in the case of another Schaub injury?