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Dan Orlovsky Is Your New Backup QB

John McClain and Adam Schefter (tip o' the cap to DreKeem for the FanPost as well) report that Dan Orlovksy has signed with your Houston Texans to be the backup to Matt Schaub. From Schefter:

Orlovsky received a three-year, $9.15 million contract with a $2.4 million signing bonus. The Broncos also were interested in Orlovsky, a four-year NFL veteran who started seven games for the Lions in 2008, but Denver was outbid by Houston.

Like our former backup QB, Orlovsky is probably best known for a single infamous play. Unlike Sage, Orlovsky is only 25 years old and comes to Houston knowing full well that he's not going to be the starting quarterback here. More on this later, but I like this move. Opine in the Comments below regarding your thoughts about the newest Texan.