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It's March 11, 2009--Who Do You Want Your Houston Texans To Take At No. 15?

We're going to debut a new feature here at BRB that will run every Wednesday from now until the 2009 NFL Draft. It's not creative. It's speculative. It will have no bearing on what your Houston Texans actually do on April 25, 2009 when they go on the clock. But sweet should provide fodder for plenty of debate, and that's where it gets fun.

Here's how it goes: You tell us who you want your Houston Texans to take with the fifteenth overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Make your feelings known by voting in the poll or sounding off in the Comments below. Truth be told, we hope you do both--tell us who you like at No. 15 via the poll and then tell us why in the Comments.

As you can see from the choices in the poll, we're beginning the exercise with a few assumptions in mind. First and foremost, assume the Texans cannot trade the pick; assume they have to make a pick at No. 15. Second, we're operating under the assumption that several players you might love having in the steel blue, battle red, and liberty white are off the board. For example, I might give a limb to see B.J. Raji as a Texan; unfortunately, there's only an infinitesimal chance he drops out of the Top Ten, so it doesn't make much sense to vote for him to be the choice at No. 15. Obviously, he'd be close to a no-brainer if he was there; if we take a deep breath and look at things objectively, however, we know he won't be there. As such, don't vote for anyone you truly do not think will be there when the Texans go on the clock. The listed players are intended to be guys who have a legitimate shot at being available at No. 15. If you think one or more of them have little to no chance of actually being there, let us know why you think that. Finally, everyone who votes for Mark Sanchez must disclose their mailing address so hired goons can show up at your home at dinnertime to kick you square in the pills.

Those are BRB's terms. Simple, and I'm anxious to see where the collective head of the Texans fan base is at approximately six (6) weeks before the big day. We'll churn out a new poll/post each week so we can track how opinions change, which should prove even more intriguing as we approach the witching hour. And if we have enough interaction, we'll expand the feature to the second and third round picks.

That's it. Have at it.