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Random Thoughts Regarding the Houston Texans

At first, all I could picture when I heard the name Dan Orlovsky was "the end zone play."  I’m not saying I was against the signing per se, but it’s safe to say I definitely wasn’t for it either.  That said, I just heard an interview with him on Sirius NFL radio and he did a great job.  He was funny, he was articulate, and he sounded very intelligent.  He used a lot of the cliché-laden player-speak that every athlete uses in a public interview, but he also went beyond it and answered questions pointedly in regards to topics like the downfall of Detroit last year, playing backup for Matt Schaub and even the infamous afore mentioned play.  If he’s as intelligent on the football field as he seems to be in everyday life, I think he’ll pick up Kubiak’s offense quickly and will be a valuable addition, especially if Matt’s fragility continues.

About half of the mock drafts I look at have New Orleans selecting my man-crush, Malcolm Jenkins.  The pick makes sense because the Saints desperately need help in the secondary, and Jenkins is a play maker.  I have been preparing myself for New Orleans to select Jenkins so it doesn’t crush me on Draft Day, but there are a few things that still give me hope.  First of all, New Orleans traded away their second and third round picks last year for TE Jeremy Shockey and LB Jonathan Vilma.  The absence of those picks, coupled with the probability that there will not be anyone they can’t live without at 14, leads me to believe that Sean Payton and Company are going to try like hell to trade down to pick up at least a third round pick.  The other indicator to fuel my false hope is the under-the-radar signing of veteran safety Darren Sharper.  Sharper probably didn’t break the bank, but with his 54 career interceptions (which leads all active players), the 33 year old Sharper wasn’t just a pickup for depth either.  I think if a team needed a CB that they knew could start in the NFL and wouldn’t have to be moved to safety, they would take Vontae Davis ahead of Jenkins.  I hope the Saints agree.

Every year there is a run on at least one position in the draft, sometimes two or three.  This year, I think the two hot positions will be OTs and DEs (if you count the DE-LB tweeners).  Brian Orakpo is scheduled to meet with the Cleveland Browns to have a private workout a week before his Pro Day.  Green Bay needs a rush LB because Aaron Kampman’s ability to get into the backfield as a LB is undetermined.  Aaron Maybin ran very well at his Pro Day despite keeping the same weight he had at the Combine when he looked slow.  Everette Brown was impressive at his Pro Day as well.  Also, surprisingly the Buffalo Bills will be holding a private workout for Robert Ayers.  There’s a chance that Cleveland, Green Bay and Buffalo might select DEs and if they do, don’t be surprised if Washington calls Michael Johnson’s name with the 13th pick.  Scoff if you want, but Dan Snyder runs the show, and he loves to make a splash with talented players.  Michael Oher would be a much smarter pick, but not many people have ever tagged Snyder’s draft habits with that particular adjective.

I have a lot of developments to catch up on, and I apologize for my lack of posting in the last week or so but I’ve been particularly busy.  I’ll have another summary of Pro Days, as well as a Draft-related posting that I’ve been kicking around my head up soon.