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It's March 25, 2009--Who Do You Want Your Houston Texans To Take At No. 15?

With Edition No. 1 and Edition No. 2 now in the books, we move on to Edition Three, roughly one month before the 2009 NFL Draft begins. The first foray saw Clay Matthews, Jr. win the crown of "Player Who Texans Fans Want With The Fifteenth Overall Pick If They Can't Trade Back." Week Two saw Malcolm Jenkins emerge as Matthews' successor to the throne, which no doubt made TransientTexan weep tears of joy as he began lovingly sewing a homemade steel blue jersey with "Jenkins" stitched across the back.

In this week's poll, as with last week's, you'll see some new names, as well as the absence of some of the names who've been on the poll in weeks past. Scotland's terms remain the same as you decide where to cast your vote: (1) Only seemingly realistic options (some more realistic than others, though all have been listed or discussed as possibilities depending on a player's stock tumbling) are in the poll; (2) Assume no trade offer to move down (or up, for you masochists) from No. 15 materializes; and (3) Sweet Jebus, we don't need a freaking quarterback. Sound off in the poll and then justify your position in the Comments below.