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Would You Trade Owen Daniels For Multiple Draft Picks?

I apologize for being late to the party. Not sure exactly why that is, but I've only recently noticed the swirling rumors that The Team That Employed Frank Reich And Once Made Me Want To Play In Traffic purportedly has/had a sizable interest in our Pro Bowl tight end. Much has been written about the possibility over at SB Nation's excellent site for all things Bill related (see, e.g., here, here, and/or here), but the final word seemed to be that OD's high tender made his acquisition cost-prohibitive. Which, of course, was exactly what Smithiak was trying to do by tendering him at the level they did.

Thus, the following is pure speculation. Buffalo isn't about to trade us their first and third rounder for Owen Daniels. But I can't help recalling that the price tag is negotiable, as we all learned about two (2) years ago. Keeping that in mind, let's say Buffalo offered a first and third rounder for Owen Daniels. Or, like Smithiak did with The Schaub, two (2) second-rounders. Or a second and a third rounder. Would you part with Owen Daniels?

There's no right answer to this hypothetical, of course. I'd take a pass if a team offered just a first-rounder. But a first and third? That'd be very tough to pass up, even for a young Pro Bowler.