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2009 SB Nation Mock Draft

As longtime readers of BRB and other SB Nation blogs know, the NFL bloggers get together every year to do a league-wide mock draft. The rules of the draft change year to year (e.g., we were able to make trades in 2007; we can't this year), but the goal remains the same: To give the readers a mock draft run by diehard fans of each team. Fans who follow the team closely enough to be positioned to have a clue as to what their team would do. Many mocks are done by a single person. This mock is done by thirty-two (32) representatives or teams of representatives. In other words, we like to think we keep the guessing as educated as possible.

The picks are being entered over at our site for all things NFL Draft, the aptly named Mocking The Draft. This year's edition is a two-round draft. No trades. Three (3) picks are made per day, and there is roughly a two (2) day lag between the pick being made and it getting posted on MTD.

Thus, I can tell you that we've made our first-round selection on behalf of your Houston Texans, but it won't be up for public consumption for another day or so. In the meantime, head on over to Mocking The Draft and see what's already happened. Any surprises? Let us know what you think here, as well as over there.