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Football Burrito Mock Draft: First Round

Tis the season for mock drafts, and we're not immune to the siren call of pretending to be a general manager for our beloved NFL franchise. Hence, we recently accepted the offer from our friends at Football Burrito to represent the Texans in their first-round mock draft. We'll tell you how it played out in a second, but first, let's take a look at some of the trade proposals we fielded. If Rick Smith gets anywhere near the interest we did for that fifteenth overall pick, we should be very, very happy come Draft Day. After we let it be known that we would entertain offers to trade back, the offers came flying in for the No. 15.

Proposal One: The Jaguars offer "someone on their team" and their second-round pick (No. 40) for our No. 15.

Proposal Two: The Bears offer their second round pick in 2009, their third round pick in 2009, and their second round pick in 2010.

Proposal Three: The Buccaneers offer their first round pick (No. 19) and fourth round pick in 2009.

We never really considered Proposal One, both because we didn't want to help a division rival and because it was far too nebuluous/unattractive. We thought really hard about the second proposal; truth be told, that's an offer Rick Smith would have to jump on any day of the week. But because our mock draft was only for a single round and such a deal would make the exercise a fairly big waste for us, we took a pass. Still, that's a deal Smithiak would HAVE to make if fell into their lap...right?

After we failed to convince Tampa Bay to turn that fourth rounder into a third, we accepted their deal. I can neither confirm nor deny that I was at the BBQ Cookoff during these negotiations and may have let those proceedings interfere with the negotiations (read: I wasn't going to let our fake draft interfere any more with my consumption of alcohol and/or ribs). Bottom line: We swapped with Tampa, dropping to No. 19 and picking up another fourth. If such a deal actually happened, that'd give your Houston Texans three (3) fourth rounders, which would provide excellent ammunition if Smithiak wanted to move back up into Round Two or Round Three.

So who did we take at No. 19? Check it out here. Some of the picks were, uh, curious, to say the least. Let us know what you think about our wheeling and dealing, the proposals, the draft, other teams' selections, and/or quantum physics in the Comments below.