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Petey Faggins Signs With Bud Adams

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You'd think it was probably enough that your Houston Texans FINALLY decided not to bring Petey Faggins back for an eighth (!) year with the team. And don't get me wrong; that was a spectacular decision. How could it get any better than a Petey-free Reliant Park, you ask?

Here's how: Petey is now a Titan.

Note to Bud Adams...this does not square you and Houston fans. Nothing ever will, considering how you stole the Oilers from our fair city. I consider this to be an incremental movement in righting the wrongs you've visited upon the City of Houston. The scales will never even out, but by deciding to employ Petey Faggins, a pebble has moved from one side of the scale to the other.

Titans fans, I suggest you search BRB's archives for "Petey" and "Faggins" to learn all about your new cornerback. Then reach for the Pepto.