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Texans News, Notes & Mocks

Sorry BattleRedBloggers, this weekend was a slow one in the world of the NFL, and there is only so much Draft speculation I can engage in before you realize that Rick Smith probably doesn't care what I think.  That being said though, there are some nuggets around the world wide web regarding the Houston Texans or the NFL at large that you might find interesting.  Less than two weeks to the Draft, and it can't get here fast enough.

Paul Myerberg wrote a short state of the franchise summary for the Texans that won't tell you anything new unless you're a new fan, but hey... it's the NY Times.

John McClain wrote a draft summary article this morning that is pretty succinct.  In it, he details that the Texans are looking for an immediate impact from their first round draft pick, and Rick Smith might try to trade up or down depending on who is available at 15.  By the way, water is wet.

Alan Burge of the Examiner does a pretty good job of breaking down the Texans by position and hypothesizing whether the team will try to augment those positions in the draft.

Lance Zierlein of the Chronicle wrote a list of defensive draft prospects that the Texans might be interested in, and categorized them by which round they will likely be drafted in.  I'm not sure whether Zierlein knows for a fact that the Texans are interested in these players, but it is the most robust breakdown of possible draftees that the Chronicle has published to date.

In case anyone missed it at Mocking the Draft, four prestigious NFL writers published their first mock drafts at the tail end of last week.  Among them are Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, Sam Farmer of the L.A. Times, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune, and a compilation of authors of the Kansas City Star.  There seems to be an interesting trend emerging among the mocks, which I'm not sure exactly how I feel about.  I'm interested to get your take.