Clay Matthews a racist?

I am (this news could change my opinion) a big supporter of drafting Matthews should he be available, but this is very disturbing. The steroid report doesn't bother me, it was obviously an illegit report (you still don't fool me Cushing, your on something).

However, confirmed reports of racism do.

USC OLB Clay Matthews reportedly created a Facebook group during his junior season called "White Nation," which showed a photo of an African American baby in handcuffs.
Under the picture was a caption saying "arrest black babies before they become criminals." It also said "This group is not for the faint of heart. All members are athletes of Caucasion descent. We are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian brotherhood." Brian Cushing, K David Buehler, and former Redskins draft pick Dallas Sartz joined the group. The athletic dept. billed the group as a joke. Matthews later issued a formal apology.

(From Rotoworld)

A joke you say? Those kids aren't idiotic enough to think of something as serious as that as a joke. They obviously fully believed what they were saying (granted, opinions of people can change overtime... for some).

For me, if Matthews hasn't changed at all, this throws up major red flags and I'd avoid him at all costs. However, he's not been known to be a disruption in the locker room (which... I would assume just maybe, being a racist would cause).

Unlike the steroid report, this has been confirmed and Matthews even admitted the wrongdoing. But it's easy to say your sorry and hard to be sincere when you have feelings like this.

How much does this report change your opinion of drafting Matthews, if at all?