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Have You Ever Been LESS Excited About The Texans' First Round Draft Position?

I know I haven't. And that's a strange feeling, because I normally look forward to the Texans going on the clock as much as the first game of the season. So what's the reason for my malaise?

Is it the fact that this draft seems as though it's more uncertain at the top than any other in recent memory? Perhaps; I really don't recall a draft of anything resembling recent vintage that seemed to be more fluid. I mean, we all have an idea of what Detroit, St. Louis, and the like might do, but there's nothing approaching any sort of inevitability for the first few picks, so it seems like it's even more of a crapshoot to speculate as to what your Houston Texans will do at 15.

In conjunction with that increased muddiness, I think my relatively even keel about this draft is based on the fact that there is not a single player likely to be there at No. 15 who excites me. Malcolm Jenkins? Unlike my co-blogger here at BRB, I won't be throwing a parade if Jenkins becomes a Texan on Saturday. Clay Matthews III? I like him fine, but I won't breathlessly proclaim him as the missing piece at OLB. That's worlds better than how I feel about Brian Cushing, of course; I might feel stronger about him (read: against him becoming a Texan) than any player who could realistically become a Texan. Sean Smith? Like him quite a bit, but not enough to embrace him at 15 with no reservations. Darius Butler? I'm a fan, sure, yet he doesn't elicit any real fire in my belly right now. The same lack of emotion is present for every other player likely to be there at 15. Oddly enough, I think I'm more excited about the possibilities in Rounds Two through Seven than I am about Round One.

So the question is: Am I nuts? Or are you with me, feeling this strange sense of pensiveness about our first round pick?