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It's April 22, 2009--What Do You Want Your Houston Texans To Do With The Fifteenth Pick?

Now that we're approaching the zero hour, let's change the rules of the exercise a bit. First, let's assume that Malcolm Jenkins is off the board. I honestly think he will be gone by the time the Texans go on the clock, so that's not a stretch. Secondly, let's put the option to trade the pick in play. The caveat to selecting this option, however, is that you must propose a realistic and reasonable trade offer in the Comments below, as well as opine on who Smithiak would be targeting after the trade.

By way of reference, here's a link to the infamous draft value chart that was popularized by Jimmy Johnson & Co. so many years ago. Keep in mind that the points assigned therein aren't gospel; the game has changed a bit (e.g., the higher picks aren't nearly as desirable as they used to be, considering the money that must be invested in the player selected).

With those things in mind, I ask you: What do you want your Houston Texans to do with the fifteenth overall pick on Saturday? For what it's worth, I'll be drafting a separate post on Friday detailing what I hope happens. Have at it.