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BREAKING NEWS: Amobi Okoye's Knee Is Just Fine

Per Adam Kaplan of, Amobi Okoye recieved a MRI after being advised to do so by the Houston Texans coaching staff.  The MRI revealed no structural damage, and Okoye plans to rest the knee.

Phew...thanks to Durga.  My theory is that Amobi was working so hard that he tweaked his knee.  After he tweaked his knee, he was freaked out because he is looking forward to playing this season as much as we are looking forward to seeing him play this season. 

I know that some of you are hesitant to support Amobi because last year he showed the same signs of a defensive lineman draft bust that we are used to (besides Mario of course), but I think we'll be pleasantly surprised this year.  Amobi is going to be the same age as most drafted rookies this year, but he has two years of NFL experience under his belt.  Also, I personally believe the hype that Mario taking Amobi to the Pro Bowl last season turned the light bulb on over his head.