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What If Clay Matthews, Jr. Tested Positive For Steroids?

As noted in the comments of the other Clay Matthews, Jr. piece by one of our Niners Nation brethren (thanks, Fooch) and by Chris over at HoustonDiehards, it's being reported by NFL Draft Bible that Clay Matthews, Jr. and Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids.

I do a lot of draft research, and I've never heard of this website before, so I went and checked it out. At first it looks professionally done, but as soon as you start navigating around the different areas, it appears to be not so legit. Therefore, I'm not going to call this fact until I hear it from a more established football organization or web site, but it's still worth asking the question, "If Clay Matthews, Jr. tested positive for steroids, would you still want to draft him?"

In all fairness, we used it as an argument against Brian Cushing, but it was in connection with the injuries he has sustained while in college. The problem in my eyes is that if it is true, it definitely was partially responsible for his meteoric rise as a Draft prospect. The question I ask myself is if he did test positive and was therefore on the NFL substance abuse program and subject to frequent and random drug testing, could he keep muscle on his frame and the accompanying strength without the juice?

I'm really curious to hear from you, BattleRedBloggers. If the rumor is in fact true, would you still want to draft Clay Matthews, Jr.? Vote your answer in the poll, and if you get a chance tell me your reason for or against in the comments.