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Updating The 2009 BRB Interactive NFL Mock Draft

So far, despite some scheduling shortcomings from the coordinators, the 2009 BattleRedBlog Interactive NFL Mock Draft has been a success.  Thanks for showing up and voting to make it interesting. 

As just a recap, below are the selections all of you have made so far.  Along with the selections themselves, I've included the best quote pulled from the comments section of each pick.  I'll do the same thing with the next recap.  Once again, thanks.

1.  Detroit Lions:  Matthew Stafford/QB/Georgia

I think they take Stafford

Stafford is intelligent with a great arm coming from a pro style offense. His biggest problem was accuracy, and if they let him hold the clipboard for a season or three, I think he will work out well. The other option, like Tim mentioned, is they grab J. Smith and try and move up and get Sanchez, which is plausible as well, but risky. So risky, that I don’t think they will gamble on it. If they feel they need a QB, they will take him with the first pick. - Riott

2.  St. Louis Rams:  Jason Smith/OT/Baylor

Yeah you can’t really go wrong with any of the three picks on the poll here. The Rams would either get the top defensive prospect, or either of the top tackles, all three would improve the team drastically. Smith has finesse and will help Bulger and Jackson both recover their games. - Last Texans Fan

3.  Kansas City:  Aaron Curry/LB/Wake Forrest

- No Quotes.

4.  Seattle Seahawks:  Michael Crabtree/WR/Texas Tech

Concur, But...

I think Crabtree is far more unlikely than the others here because of the recent big dollars spent on WR in free agency. If they hadn’t won the Housh sweepstakes, Crabtree is the logical pick. But now, with Monroe available in this scenario? I think that’s more likely, especially with Walter Jones not getting any younger. Unless, of course, Mora & Co. don’t like Monroe - Tim

 5.  Cleveland Browns:  Brian Orakpo/DE-OLB/Texas


Didn’t they just sign another big money tackle to man the other side of Thomas? That’s the reason I went Everette Brown. That, and f**k Orakpo, that’s why. - beefy

6.  Cincinnati Bengals:  Eugene Monroe/OT/Virginia

Smith love...

I think the Bengals leaked that (the notion that Cincinnati loves Andre Smith) because it had been a while since anyone laughed at them, and called them stupid. They felt left out. Not really bengals-like. - beefy

7.  Oakland Raiders:  Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri

I really have to ask.

How many people picked Maclin because he’s the best fit for this team, and how many picked him just because Al Davis gets distracted by fast things and shiny objects. - Last Texans Fan

8.  Jacksonville Jaguars:  BJ Raji/DT/Boston College


I remain very doubtful that JAC pulls the trigger on Sanchez just a year after they gave Garrard that big contract. I believe it’s Raji here, ganja nut or not. - Tim

9.  Green Bay Packers:  Everette Brown/DE-OLB/Florida State

GB doesn't really

have anyone to play 5 technique. Take Tyson Jackson and build your Dline, cause if Kampman plays 5 hes going to get stomped. - Riott

10  San Francisco 49ers:  Andre Smith/OT/Alabama

Harvin? Really? - Drekeem

So there you have it.  I'm going to go ahead and declare beefy the winner of the previously not announced quote competition.  The Orakpo one was priceless.  We'll recap again soon.