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With The Fifteenth Overall Pick In The BRB Interactive Mock Draft, Houston Selects

Ok, the pick we've been waiting for is here. You guys decided to put me in a bad mood and select Jenkins for New Orleans, so he's now off the board. Now it's time to decide who Rick Smith and Gary Kubiak are going to select for our beloved Houston Texans.

Really think about this one. I know the knee jerk reaction is to click Matthews and be done with it, but remember that his steroid allegations, while unproven, are still out there, and there are some among you that have doubts even without the thought of steroids abuse. If youu have time, state your case about who you want, and also if you time, read peoples comments so you can make the most informed decision. Let's have fun with this. I'll make this the only pick today, and we'll just make up for it on the weekend.

By the way, I know everyone would prefer to trade down so I didn't make it an option in the poll so it wouldn't take away from the voting. Just know that pretty much everyone would want to with who's left on the board.