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Post-Draft Musings: What Position Is Still The Most Glaring Weakness?

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The draft is in the books. There will still be some moves made via free agency, but the fact is that the overwhelming majority of players who will be Houston Texans when the season kicks off against the Jets on September 13th are already on the roster. Knowing that, I ask you this: What position terrifies you the most right now? In other words, what position on the squad still screams the loudest for an upgrade?

Personally, I'd say defensive tackle. Travis Johnson inspires the exact opposite of confidence. Despite a promising rookie campaign, even the most stringent Amobi Okoye supporters should admit that he can't be considered a sure thing. I really like DelJuan Robinson and Tim Bulman as productive rotation guys, but I'm not as bullish on them as starters. I'm still of the mind that Frank Okam could be the answer next to Amobi, but the coaching staff has not exhibited anything resembling that sort of belief. Antonio Smith? Sure, it's nice to envision him moving inside in passing situations on third down. What about first and second downs? Or fourth and inches?

Talk me into feeling better about DT in the Comments below. Or feel free to divert my attention to a more glaring positional need.