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Travis Johnson--What Do You Realistically Expect?

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Too many people have mentioned the possibility of Travis Johnson entering a contract year and perhaps turning it on for me not to do a post about it. At the outset, let's establish that we're talking about this Travis Johnson, the 2005 first-round draft pick of your Houston Texans. Yes, he's played for a handful of different defensive coordinators. Yes, he's endured a switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3. Yes, whoever thought he could be a nose tackle (cough...Charley Casserly...cough...Dom Capers...cough) should never be allowed to speak again. I concede all of that.

But is there anyone out there who realistically believes that Travis Johnson is somehow going to flip a switch and become a player in the final year of his contract? If so, what in the name of all that is decent and holy have you seen that would make you think that? I can understand HOPING he puts it together in precisely the same way I hope that the breweries of the world unite and declare that beer shall be tendered free of charge from this day forth. Expecting it, though? That strikes me as pure lunacy.

So tell me, there anyone among you brave enough to provide any sort of justification for the notion that Travis Johnson is about to become all we hoped he would be (heck, I'd even take 25% of what we hoped he'd be) back in April 2005? Hit me in the Comments below.