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Houston Texans At OTAs: Day Three

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Via the official site, Brooke Bentley reports that Glover Quin is opening some eyes:

"He’s made some plays out here the first couple of days," coach Gary Kubiak said of Quin. "He’s gotten his hands on the ball a couple of times. We’re playing him at nickel, also; (defensive backs coach) David (Gibbs) tells me he’s very sharp in the meeting room.

"He can return some, too. So there’s plenty of reps to go around, especially with Dunta not being here. It’s moved all those guys up as far as reps go, so he’s taking advantage of it."

Anyone notice how Kubes dropped in another "Dunta's not here" reference? Subtle dig? Or just justifying Quin's reps?

Although Quin makes it clear he'll play wherever the Texans want him, Frank Bush continues to insist that the plan for now is to line the rookie up at CB:

"We have plans for him on the edge right now," Bush said. "He’s going to do some stuff in the slot and nickel, but there’s always a possibility at safety. He’s built that way, anyway."

Other notes...

-As EHTR noted in this FanPost, Steve Slaton has shown up nine pounds more muscular. While we all probably hope that someone steps up to be the thunder to Slaton's lightning, I'm excited to see that Slaton's assuming the load will be his to carry again. Because at this point, there's no one of the roster that makes me think it won't be the Steve Slaton Show in 2009.

-Two (2) straight years of Travis Johnson showing up to OTAs with pelvic issues. Let us hope this'll be the last year that happens. And by that, I mean I pray it's the last year he's in a Texans uniform.