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Houston Texans News and Notes: May 20th

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Today, Day 3 of the Texans’ OTAs, was by far the most noteworthy for several different reasons.  As per Gary Kubiak’s wishes, today centered on individual drills as opposed to team exercises which was yesterday’s focus.  This personal spotlight allowed a couple of the Texans rookies to show off their ability.

Fourth round draft pick Glover Quin received the most praise for individual play.  Quin has received a lot of reps because of the absence of Dunta Robinson (holdout) and Antwaun Molden (injury), and made the most of it by intercepting a pass for the second straight day.  Frank Bush praised Quin for his ball skills, and said that FS is an option for Quin but for right now they want to see what he can do at CB.  When asked about his ability to hit if played at safety, Glover got a huge grin on his face and replied “Oh, I’ll hit,” which to say excited me would be an understatement.

Steve Slaton is noticeably bigger--about 10 pounds to be precise.  Stevie Wonder wanted to get better on third downs in both short yardage runs and protecting Matt Schaub by picking up the blitz.  Slaton says that he still feels just about as quick, and expects to trip down a bit during training camp.

Antoine Caldwell has been receiving a lot of reps at center, although he said that he doesn’t care whether the majority of his playing time comes at C or G, specifically stating “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Both Gary Kubiak and Frank Bush made a point of mentioning Cato June’s experience and the fact that his status as a veteran gave him an edge within the LB corps.  Kubiak also stated that the LB corps is as deep and talented as it is has ever been in his tenure as head coach.  I would tend to agree with that assessment.

As curtisdisco highlighted in a fan post, our newly promoted defensive coordinator has begun to set his tone for the defense.  So far I really like Bush, but I’ll wait until at least camp to see the defense truly in action before I fully jump on the bandwagon.

The quote of the day came not at OTAs but rather in an interview that Bruce Matthews gave on 610 sports radio:

"I'll admit the first couple of years in Houston, I wasn't a big Texans fan," he said. "But really over the course of the last four or five years I've become a big follower of the team and even when they played the Titans it was getting to the point where I wanted the Texans to win."

It’s hard not to love Matthews, especially when he roots against his old franchise for the sake of the city.

Lastly, several Texans players gave up their afternoon to raise money for the Boys and Girls Club of Houston in the annual Texans Homerun Derby at Minute Maid Park.  Apparently Matt Schaub won a personal bet between himself and Eric Winston, but Winston put on a show by launching a couple of balls into the upper deck.  I’ve been trying to track down a video on the internet because I would love to see these guys swing the bat, so if anyone finds it and posts it in the comments or e-mails it to me, I’d appreciate it.