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Houston Texans OTAs: Day Four

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Not too much to report via the official site about today's OTAs, though I believe new fullback Boomer Grigsby is well on his way to becoming a fan favorite:

Gone is the Mohawk, but the Canton, Ill., native’s relentless work ethic (and tattoos) remain. Grigsby has gone from a Division I-AA All-American linebacker at Illinois State to a special teams standout in Kansas City in 2005-06; from a linebacker to a fullback in 2007; and from the Miami Dolphins’ starting fullback in the 2008 season opener to a player without a job when the Dolphins cut him after one game.

"That’s the National Football League," Grigsby said. "We played the Jets (and) we got beat by about 30. Brett Favre did some of his miracle stuff and, you know, they fired me and they went to the Wildcat offense where they didn’t even use a fullback.

"I think it’s the kind of business (we’re in)—they say you can never relax. In that situation, I kind of gave it my all, gave it my 100 percent like everyone says, and I did everything I could do. But I refuse to be one of those guys who sits on the outside and says, ‘Woe is me.’ This entire career has been a blessing. It’s been a roller coaster ride."

I'm a sucker for self-deprecating players, so reading Grigsby say he was "fired" as though he was some dude at a 9-to-5 gig makes me grin. And then I read this:

"I love boots. I like country music. I thought Houston would be a good fit. When I was on the plane, I fell asleep listening to Chris LeDoux, woke up listening to George Strait and I figured I might fit in here alright."

Fullback Boomer Grigsby, on his affinity for boots

Methinks BRB has a new favorite son. Practically speaking, we're talking about a special teams demon and Vonta Leach insurance. I'd bet that Kubes finds a place for Boomer on this squad. Thoughts?