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BREAKING NEWS: Owen Daniels Signs One Year Tender

A day before the Texans could revert Owen Daniels $2.79 million dollar tender to around half a million, the disgruntled TE signed his one-year restricted tender.  I'm glad that this is done, but some details have come to light that are a bit troubling.  Apparently the Texans at one point offered Daniels a contract that would have made him the second highest paid TE in the NFL, but Owen wants to be tops.

There's two schools of thought on this.  The first is that for someone that usually doesn't know much, John McClain sure does have a good handle on what the Texans are offering.  This smacks of McClain being the organization's mouthpiece.  The other school, though, is that Owen is represented by the same firm that represents fellow disgruntled Texan Dunta Robinson.  Birds of a feather and all that.

I think the takeaway for me is that, as I currently know the facts, the Texans got this one right.  They convinced Owen that the risk of losing $2.2 million dollars was very real and OD caved.  Don't get me wrong--I want to see Owen paid and I love the way he plays.  But he does not deserve to be the highest paid TE in the game, a status that would require $7 million per year, especially when Antonio Gates makes $4.4 and Jason Witten makes $4.6. 

Oh, the other takeaway is that we need to find the firm representing OD and Dunta and burn it to the ground.