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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Heavyweight Edition

Connor Barwin is obviously a natural athlete, as he showed by his amazing Combine performance.  Natural or not though, you can't expect ability alone to allow you to perform at a high level in the NFL, which is something the Barwin has shown by his intense workouts.  Apparently Connor has started a boxing routine to keep him in shape and improve hand speed, something that will help him when utilizing swim or punch moves on opposing offensive lineman.  At 263 pounds, Barwin would definitely be a heavyweight and an impressive one at that, but don't take my word for it...

Connor Barwin Boxing Training at Ignition (via IgnitionAPG)

Speaking of heavyweights, Brian Cushing eats six meals, consisting of around 7,000 calories, a day.  I can't imagine eating that much.  Also in news from mini-camp, the Texans continue to look for the compliment to Steve Slaton, and they've been trying to see whether undrafted free agents Jeremiah Johnson or Arian Foster could fit that role.  I personally think that Denver is eventually going to cut the guy that will fill that role, and I hope it's Ryan Torrain.

Matt Schaub made quite the statement when he told Paul Kuhharsky that he pledges to play 16 games this year.  This initially upset my superstitious nature, but in the end I guess it's good that Matt goes into the season with that mindset.  Hopefully all this recent talk about Dan Orlovsky and Rex Grossman is superfluous.

Eric Winston took some time to fill in the fans about the structure of NFL contracts using his as an example.  The inspiration for this was the current situation with Eric's good friend Owen Daniels.  When reading about the timing of Winston's extension, I can't help but wonder why Rick Smith didn't choose to wrap up OD at the same time last year.