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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Hold On To The Ball Edition

Paul Kuharsky did a good piece detailing how important lack of turnovers will be for the Texans in 2009.  While I was impressed with Kuharsky's level of analysis, it dawns on me while reading his comparisons of the Texans to the Broncos of 2008, the Saints of 2007 and the Chiefs of 2001 because of their similar disparity between high yardage offenses that had mediocre scoring, the other similarity left unsaid was the terrible defense all of those teams had.  Also kind of cool, Paul gave us a shout out in his morning links round up.

It apears as if Jeremiah Johnson is behind the 8 ball already in his competiition with fellow undrafted free agent running back Arian Foster.  Johnson was held back because of a late graduation from the University of Oregon, a similar situation to that of Connor Barwin.  The fact that Johnson has already played in a zone blocking.running scheme does bode well for him though.

David Anderson is quickly becoming a lockerroom leader.  His charisma is evident in almost every interview he gives, including the one he gave to the Texans official website.  Anderson states among other things that it's his mission in life to get Andre Johnson to loosen up and laugh a little bit.  Good luck.