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Another Hello From Another New Guy

I'll be honest, I live a pretty uneventful life, so I'll try to keep this short (key word: try) for everyone; however I do want to introduce myself as a new writer.

Unlike Mike, I never delved into the enormous world of sports until 2004. Yep, that's right (a little hint that I'm younger than the other writers). Game 7 of the Astros national league championship game against the Cardinals, in which Craig biggio led the game off with a homerun to left field. I had no idea what that pitch and subsequent hit would mean to my life.

Needless to say, sports has brought my grades down a substantial amount and forced me into deep bouts of hibernation after gut wrenching losses, while the heartwarming wins have caused my family to label me a maniac. Of course, this is normal for all sports fans.

All these sudden spikes in emotions cause me to be irrational when assessing a matter and thus, why I write. Oh sure, I love writing, it's one of my favorite hobbies, however, the real reason I write is to calm myself down. Or at least, that's why I thought I wrote.

Then Facebook entered my life - a godsend for my fellow students and I, a devil for my grades (yeah, they're suffering). I started to post my thoughts on numerous sports subjects and though there were tons of people that disagreed with me, I noticed that the comments were piling up, often reaching over 100 with only 15 or so people. That's when I realized what writing truly meant to me. Sure, it calms me down, but its real greatness lies in its ability to bring out the best arguments in everyone.

Just like Mike, I saw an opportunity in the opening here. Was I nervous when I wrote that application? Hell yeah. Am I nervous now? You bet. I can't help but wonder whether people will love or hate my writings.

Not surprisingly, writing this piece has helped me realize once again that it doesn't matter whether everyone likes my opinion, but what's important is that I do my best to spark a debate and bring you news.

Shouldn't be too hard right? Right Vivek, right...

Anyway, I can only hope to be as good as Tim, TT, and Mike and I will try.

In Texans related news, Jeremiah Johnson is practicing at 220 pounds! Ah, the NFL offseason at it's finest.

(If your wondering why this was posted at around 1:00 am, it's because I'm currently in Singapore visiting my mom who works here).

- Vivek