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Your Favorite Texans Offseason Signing

BFD just posted a great piece contrasting backup QB's Dan Orlovsky and Rex Grossman, but in it he made quite the bold statement:

"It’s also why the Orlovsky signing is, so far, my favorite off-season move (including the draft)."

Wow. I wasn't crazy about the Orlovsky signing because of the amount of money they gave him until I heard him talk a bit. As BFD points out, Orlovsky is more than ok being Matt Schaub's backup, and he's a really smart, charismatic kid. There's also the great attribute that Orlovsky is extremely similar to Schaub so it's very easy to teach both at the same time. Despite all of these good things though, I definitely wouldn't say he's my favorite signing.

Having said that, I don't know who would is my favorite signing, especially if you include the draft. First off among the true free agents (non-draftees), Antonio Smith pops directly to my mind. He's not exactly a sack specialist, but hopefully he will give Mario Williams the bookend that he needs to become defensive player of the year (Kubiak's aspirations).

There are several candidates if you include the draft; Connor Barwin may need a few years but looks like he will be a great player, Antoine Caldwell gives the O line necessary depth, Glover Quin has supposedly wowed everyone without even putting on pads (physicality is his strong suit), and James Casey is the jack of all trades amazing athlete. I'll even include Brian Cushing on that list because Tim likes to call him "My Boy" since I have since rationalized his selection as much as I could in my mind.

So while I think about what my favorite signing has been, I want to know yours. Who are yo most excited about seeing in a Texans uniform, both in 2009 or for their career? Let us know why in the comments section. At least we hve several names to choose from.