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Texans Down 'N Dirty: High Praise Edition

Bucky Brooks reiterates just how explosive the Texans offense can be and what makes the machine operate. After two years of solid #2 receiving numbers, Kevin Walter finally gets deserved attention as a main cog in the Texans offensive behemoth. Interesting note, not a single word was uttered about the defense. No matter how much the offense improves, if the defense doesn't the team will be just what Brooks calls it, a playoff "contender", not a playoff team.

Arian Foster impressed in mini-camp and believes he can "compete with any back in this league." Talk is nice, but can he back it up? For the sake of his long term health, Stevie Wonder probably hopes so. His past experience in the one-cut system certainly aids his chances of being the man behind #20. Also working in his favor is his catching the eye of runningbacks coach Chick Harris.

In his off-season wrap up, Rick Smith states that Rex Grossman has "got a chance to be a good third for us", quietly dispelling any (misplaced) rumors that Grossman might compete for the backup job behind Schaub. Dan, your safe. Keep your eyes forward and don't worry about what may be behind you, such as the back of the endzone. Part 2 of the interview can be found here.

TT  found another great Connor Barwin video (hmm, could it be... are we witnessing the budding stages of a new TT man crush!?), an interview that took place just before mini-camp.

Connor Barwin Interview Houston Texan (via BearcatSportsPage)

In the interview Barwin comes off as articulate and understanding of his duties, as expected. Even though he's reached the highest level of competition in all of football, he refuses to ease up. His goal is to stick around the league "8 to 12 years" as a highly productive player. By all means Connor, go ahead.