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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Sexy Rexy Edition

The Texans made some early cuts from the roster today. Among the unfortunate include linebacker Kevin Coley, tackle Doug Dedrick, punter Justin Brantly, and most notably quarterback Alex Brink. What exactly does the release of Brink mean for the team? Well, it pretty much means Rex Grossman is here to say, barring any broken bones or a putrid training camp performance. Chris at HDH put together great analysis on what the cut means for Rex and Kubiak's "three quarterback" philosophy. To sum it up (though it's definitely worth the read), Grossman wasn't brought in to be practice camp fodder and he'll be taking meaningful snaps in training camp, so the chances he gets cut late in camp look highly unlikely at this point. Of course, anything is possible and Rex's "I'm going deep" mantra could certainly land him in trouble during camp.

The open training camp practices have been announced! That may or may not be reason to rejoice. I've never actually been to any of these practices myself, but some friends have told me they can actually be pretty boring. Psh. It's football and that's all that matters. Camp will be open to the public on July 31, the first 3 days of August, as well as the 6th at various times. Check the link for more details. Unfortunately, I won't be in town during these dates, which means I'll be missing the chance to see Rex go for it all in a Texans uniform. I don't know how I'll survive.

Bet you didn't know this about Ryan Moats. He loves graphics design and has been an intern for EA previously and currently interns with TVP Productions, a film production company based in Houston. In college, everyday after practice Moats would edit his own videos for fun. At least he's keeping himself entertained. I should be inspired by Moats story to pursue a hidden interest of my own. Yeah, right. It's still nice to see that we have such an interesting group of players on our hometown team. That doesn't include you AJ.