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Under The Radar, Or On The Front Page?

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For years I have listened to my fellow suffering Texans fans complain about the lack of respect our team gets from the national media. No Monday Night games. No magazine covers. Sometimes, even when we would win, our game highlights would show only great plays by the other team, even though they had lost.

Finally, in 2005, we were given a nationally televised game on ESPN. We capitalized on that by receiving a 42-10 drumming in front of the entire country. This was of course the ill-fated 2-14 season that tested everyone’s faith.

After that showing in front of a national audience, you shouldn’t expect to get another primetime game for a good long while. We had to wait over three years before we were finally given our first Monday Night game in franchise history. Thankfully, we showed up for that one.

But my point is that we all know that respect isn’t given, it has to be earned. With another Monday Night game this season and seemingly becoming the "sexy pick" to make a playoff run this season, it appears we are getting that much desired respect.

But the question I pose to you, the fans, is this: Would you rather fly under the radar, or be on the front page?

With the respect we are now getting from the national media, you must realize that there are now lofty expectations to meet. When you are off the radar, so to speak, anything above .500 is going to be a great achievement.

Myself, I loving seeing national pub on deserving guys like Mario (whom all the "experts" are now saying was the right pick over Reggie Bush in 2006…except for Mel Kiper), Andre Johnson and Steve Slaton. But I think one guy who has to not be liking all this attention is head coach Gary Kubiak.

He won’t admit it, but he has to be feeling some pressure. He has a good team with some serious potential to be the next 2008 Arizona Cardinals. It always comes down to health with this team. But if these expectations aren’t fulfilled, you have to wonder how secure Gary Kubiak is in his current job. If we stumble out of the gate to 1-3, is his seat going to be really hot? Tell you what, why don’t we try to avoid that.

To be on the front of all the magazines comes with a price. With great respect comes a great expectation. Myself, I am expecting something great.