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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Ricky Hatton Edition

We've all seen this story before. Another analyst feels the need to point out how smart the Texans decision was to draft Mario Williams in place of Vince Young or Reggie Bush. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for any most national attention our team receives, but after reading the same story countless times with the only difference being the name of the author, it gets old quick.

This time around, John Lopez poses the question: Were the Texans smarter than everyone else or luckier? I can't tell if this is a serious question or not, especially considering Lopez went through the whole article detailing the process of evaluating Mario, Bush and Young. So we've already established that due diligence was taken in deciding that Williams was the best option, thanks to your outdated observations, so what exactly makes the Texans lucky? I guess you have to find something to separate your articles from other similar ones, though this attempt is quite dumbfounding. Say, didn't Lopez work for the Chronicle a couple years back?

Eric Winston is against a rookie wage scale. Winston lists the main arguments for and against the scale and gives his own input on each point. For those against, this will definitely be a reinforcement in your thoughts. For those for, it's an interesting perspective from an actual informed player, so be sure to check it out, whether you agree or not. The main argument Winston makes is that even if you do limit the amount of money unproven rookies can earn, that money won't necessarily translate to cash for veterans. It's certainly a valid point, one that I'd like to cover in the future.

Before you go on with your day, do yourself a favor and witness David Anderson do his best Ricky Hatton impersonation. The man is a God.

We end the daily links for the week on a happy note. The Texans were ranked 31st, besting only the Detroit Lions, in ESPN's list of best and worst teams of the decade. Why does that make me happy? More reason to kick ass in the upcoming season.

Days left until training camp opens: 36.