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Texans News And Notes: June 3rd

The day after DelJuan Robinson was lauded as a possible starter by Gary Kubiak, Travis Johnson miraculously makes his OTA debut for the team.  Very little was said about his performance on the field, but I would say in this situation no news equals bad news for the former first round pick.  Hopefully Frank Bush continues giving Robinson reps with the first team despite the presence of Johnson; a trend that would be nice to see continue in the regular season.

Add safety Nick Ferguson to a long list of veteran defensive players who are pumped about Frank Bush, although he didn't stop there, as he continued by praising new secondary coach David Gibbs.  As I've stated before, optimistic statements from players about any new coaching additions are pretty much automatic, but when stated so repeatedly, it makes me think that it is more than just hollow talk.  The optimism isn't limited just to younger Texans players who have known only the follies of Richard Smith either; it's also coming from veterans who cut their teeth for other successful franchises, such as Antonio Smith and Cato June.

DeMeco Ryans' name comes up every time one of the linebackers is asked who among the players influences and helps him the most.  Apparently Ryans' new nick name is "Captain Meco."  Rick Smith, please give this guy a new contract, or in the words of KGB, "Pay dat man his money!"

It's been over a month since the Houston Texans used the fifteenth overall pick to select SLB Brian Cushing.  Cushing sat out today's practice with a sore hamstring.  Cushing has been by far the most divisive draft pick among Texans fans; some have loved the pick from day one, while others have still not come to grips with their disappointment (especially this guy you may know).  Cushing has had almost three weeks to make an impression on the Texans coaches, players and media that follow the team, and I've yet to hear a negative word.  I'm curious though what impression, if any, he has made on you the fans.  Let me know if you feel better, worse or pretty much the same about number 56 as you did on April 25th.