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Riddle Me This: Which QB Would You Want Under Center In '09 Over Matt Schaub?

We're neck-deep in the offseason doldrums again, which means it's as good a time as any for to have the kind of discussions you'd have with your buddies over beers (or root beer floats, if you're not the boozing type). So riddle me this, BRB: Which QB(s) would you rather have quarterbacking your Houston Texans in 2009 over Matt Schaub? Note that I said "in 2009." I'm not talking about having someone for the next three, five, or ten seasons. Just next year. Who would you rather have?

Me? I'd rather have these QBs, and only these QBs, under center for the Texans in 2009 over Matt Schaub. In no particular order:

1. Peyton Manning
2. Tom Brady
3. Drew Brees
4. Ben Roethlisberger

Annnnnd...that's it. You read that right. Not Romo. Not Rivers. Not E. Manning. Not McNabb. Not Warner (though for a single season, with the weapons the Texans boast on offense, he might be the toughest omission from this list).

Does this make me a complete honk for The Schaub? Or am I being rational? You tell me in the Comments below by posting your own list.