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Memo To Owen Daniels: Don't Go Dunta On Us

When a Texan is hoping for a new contract, it's not generally a good idea to get compared to Dunta Robinson. Especially in the headline to a story reporting on how you're no longer attending OTAs.

As much as I wish Owen Daniels was taking the DeMeco Ryans approach to his contract woes, I'm not going to bite OD's head off for deciding to walk away from voluntary workouts. He's not required to be there, and I can't blame the guy (or, more likely, his agent) for attempting to use what little leverage exists (remember--OD has been tendered at the highest level; it's not like he's an unrestricted free agent) to his advantage. Contract negotiations are business, and I understand that.

What I will take issue with is OD taking a page out of the Dunta Robinson School of Public Relations and posting needlessly inflammatory accusations of unfairness on his Facebook page. What benefit comes out of complaining publicly about "unfairness on the Texans side?" Or writing inane generalities like "sometimes you just have to stick up for yourself?" Does OD really think that people are going to read that and become convinced that the organization is out to screw him?

Look at what bitching publicly has done for Dunta Robinson. He's managed to turn a significant portion, if not the vast majority, of the fan base against him. The fact of the matter is that this is a battle OD can't win right now. From the player's perspective, no good can come out of criticizing his employer at this point. As with Dunta, the team holds all the cards. Why unnecessarily inflame an inherently delicate situation? Daniels needs to look at Dunta's handling of a similar scenario for what it is: A cautionary tale, not a model on how to conduct oneself during negotiations.