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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Random Diary and Blog Updates Edition

A quick update for all the faithful (more likely just bored) readers who check on the "Down 'N Dirty" everyday: I just got into Chicago on Sunday and I have a fairly rigorous schedule for the next three weeks, so if every so often there aren't  posts up, it's a combination of there simply not being enough worthwhile news out there, as well as a lack of willingness to post said info when I'm so busy. However, I am finding out when I'll have free time and whatnot, so I should be good on days when interesting news is posted. Any Texans fans/readers that live in Chicago by any chance?

In an effort to fill up space, here are some various interesting and not so interesting blog updates and diary entries from a number of people in or close to the Texans organization.

Brian Cushing is eager to get signed and get on the field as quickly as possible. I'm with you, buddy. Usually there wouldn't be much to say about an update like this, as Cushing goes on and on about how ready he is for football, not that I'm upset in anyway about that. The best tidbit from this article, however, is that Martellus Bennett spoke at the rookie symposium about acting like a professional. Wait... this guy!? The same guy who created "The Black Olympics"? Who was the smart one that invited this guy to speak? Seems to me like asking Bennett to speak would only get the rookies into more trouble then they would without his unique antics.

Eric Winston is a better football analyst than Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay. There I said it. Any objections? Didn't think so. Next up on Winston's explanation list is the differences of a left and right tackle. Seriously, ESPN needs to hire this guy, or at least get rid of those two. Ok, ok, I know Kiper's hair nets better ratings. Winston also has high hopes for the line this upcoming season, as do I. The team gave up more sacks than the previous year and it's effectiveness in the red-zone was as subpar as ever, but another year in Alex Gibb's zone blocking scheme should do the trick. We hope.

Speaking of Winston, more diary updates! Jenny Winston returns! It's nice to see someone so supportive of her husband in his many endeavors. It's easy to get lost in the flow of cash and take things for granted (I don't talk from experience, so you can skip this sentence), but Winston's wife has been an undying fan from day one.

What do you know, James Casey talked about the rookie symposium! Casey describes himself as strictly business. Cool. That makes it easy for me to write about you, doesn't it? Well, I can always re-hash old, but nonetheless worthwhile reads about your career so far, but I'm not that desperate right?

Lastly, get your training camp tickets!