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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Camp Approaches Edition

Every NFL player prepares for training camp in their own unique way, and Eric Winston shared on his blog his particular regimen which involves paying bills, drinking water and going to South Florida.  Brutal.  My regimen consists of counting down days like a kid with Christmas because there will again be news.

Matt Schaub is trying to get in some golf before camp, and he’s making friends while doing it.  Over the weekend the Texans' signal caller inadvertently hit a woman who was watching him and others at a celebrity golf tournament.  Matt was extremely apologetic and then thanked the woman for deflecting his ball from the gallery onto the green.  This is probably the only time that I will ever write about a golf story on BRB.  Ever.

Former Denver Head Coach Mike Shanahan proclaimed that he is ready to coach in the NFL as early as 2010, and Alan Burge made the argument that his son Kyle Shanahan will likely leave the Texans to be his offensive coordinator.  Burge makes the argument that it won’t affect the Texans too much considering it's Kubiak’s offense, but I’m not sure I agree with that.  One of the keys to the offense’s success last year was Shanahan’s presence, so I would hope that we try to lock him up before next season.  The Texans can always bar him from leaving for just another offensive coordinator job, as a head coaching position is the only one that a team cannot block.

Paul Kuharsky at ESPN gave a breakdown of rookie signings throughout the AFC South.  Every GM and every team approaches rookie signings differently, as evidenced by our division.  The Titans have almost all of their selection signed, the Colts have literally none of theirs, and the Texans and the Jaguars both have roughly half.  Hopefully we see some traction on this over the next 11 days so there are no distractions heading into camp.