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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Chris' Boy Edition

After everyone and their mother at the Chronicle had something (and by that I mean very little) to say about the Texans yesterday, it's back to the regular faces today.  Stephanie Stradley breaks down the Texans offense.  One point of note, everybody keeps freaking out about the lack of a backup running back for Steve Slaton.  I will admit that if the season started tomorrow, I'd be freaking out too, but it's not starting tomorrow.  NFL teams have a lot of trimming to do.  I think that Smithiak chose not to draft a RB in the later rounds because they felt what was left was not going to be as good as backs that would eventually be cut before the season (please, someone like Ryan Torain).  Remember that Kubiak came from a system that turned RB discards into studs regularly.

The official site did some previewing as well, but this time the defensive line was the subject.  If you're a regular reader you're savvy on most of what they brought up, but one thing was interesting.  Under position battles, not only did they note NT as the closest competition, but they insinuated that the job was DelJuan Robinson's to lose, not Travis Johnson

Chris at HDH put a video of Brian Cushing lifting a lot of weight a lot of times on his site.  Tim, I want you to quit calling Cushing my boy.  He's now officially Chris' until further notice.

I have a guy I work with who is an obnoxious Colts fan.  Last night ESPN posted their power rankings which had the Colts at 5 and the Texans at 16, and I heard all about it first thing this morning.  Paul Kuharsky is soliciting advice and input for the rankings on his site, please let him know what you think.  Man, I can't wait for the Texans to beat the Colts this year...